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Create a garden on your balcony

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It can be a challenge to enjoy a garden when you don't have a lot of space. We've found some great products to help you get a country garden feel, even if you live in the city.

Read on for lots of different ways to create a beautiful plant-filled balcony... whatever space you have.

balcony basketsThese Balcony baskets attach to balcony rails... magic!

Plant these zinc tubs up with vibrant colours to create an instant... moveable garden.

zinc tubs

This pretty flower barrow will hold several different plants to create a beautiful display - perfect if space is tight. Pop some herbs in the top and some leafier plants in the bottom to create a balanced display.

flower barrow

This small flower cart is also ideal for creating a display with different sized pots - pop some large pots with taller plants at the back and smaller plants at the front to create some depth.

flower cart

Don't forget the walls either - you can create a beautiful plant wall using these simple zinc wall plantersBrowse our range of wall planters for more choice


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